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Frosted Mint Rocky Mountain Spring Water Infused With Natural Hemp Seed Oil

Indulge in Canadian Rocky Mountain spring water infused with soluble hemp seed oil! A non-euphoric (THC + CBD free), functional beverage with incredible nutritional benefits. Containing only the finest Canadian grown hemp, accompanied by naturally occurring minerals within the spring water this refreshing beverage is a great ally for all happy, healthy lifestyles. With a refreshing frosted mint flavor and no added sugar or artificial sweeteners – this vegan beverage allows you to hydrate comfortably without compromising on great taste.

Rocky Mountain Spring Water

Spring water from the pristine Canadian Rockies. Sourced from the Kootenay Plains, Alberta – just 4km from the Banff National Park boundary. Beginning as ice in the snow covered summits, flowing downward through ancient layers of sedimentary rock; our spring water contains naturally occurring minerals and nutrients providing a clean, smooth, naturally balanced taste.

100% Natural Hemp Seed Oil

Canadian grown and produced industrial hemp seed oil with no psychoactive effects (THC + CBD). Processed through nano-amplification allowing nutrients to be easily absorbed by your body.   

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